Saturday, February 5, 2011

banners for my friend xo

a lovely & fun gal i have been getting to know is a chickie called Kelly Farrer from QLD....... such FUN chatting with her as we share a similar sense of humor!!! {that being left of centre lol}

Kel has started a business called Fluff n nonsense & makes really cute & cool things like hats, hair garnish, bags, refashioned clothes etc all with that Vintage Flair.
Kel now has an etsy shop....
so please go check her out & tell her i said HI!! :P

So i wanted to give her a pressie to let her know that i wish her LOTS of Luck & success with her venture & so made her some etsy Banners & avatars 
{it doesn't matter to me if Kel uses any of them or was simply something i could do whilst away on holidays to show her my support & to let her know her success means alot to me}

anyways thought i would show you them & you can see how i have been spending some of my holiday time ....... heck i can't stop designing can i LOL & should have know that if i took my laptop that i would simply HAVE TO do some creating - problem is that i only took books, laptop & the Custom Made Crochet Blanket i am doing away with me and i have nearly finished the Blanket & already read 2 books so what is a creating girl to do but get on her lappy & start to create whatever one can with a limited program!! :P

anyone want any banners etc for their blogs/shops etc let me know as i do love to play around with graphics.......... i am NO expert {as you can probably tell!!! lol} but i do love to muck around :P

well back to either reading OR crocheting :)

trace xo

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