Friday, January 21, 2011

a sweet FB gift

this cute little dress is off in the post on Monday as a surprise gift to Sarah Spencer...cute no?

i am in a happy happy mood {i LOVE it when dearest Frank is home all day!!!} & i thought i just couldnt wait to reach the 200 FB 'Likers'  so that i could giveaway a pressie {don't worry that is still there waiting patiently til SBB hits the 200 :P} i thought i will just use Random Number Tool to pick me a winner just for the sheer fun of it........oh i do so love to give things away xox

this is for Miss Poppy & i am sure it will get handed on to dear baby sister Miss Ruby when she gets bigger :D
Sarah is such a lovely chickie & so i know she will love this dress for her little ones xo

trace xo

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