Sunday, January 16, 2011


this Quality Handmade item has been made with love especially for this Flood Auction by Julie Oliver

a beautiful Patchwork Name Cushion
{your choice of name & colour scheme}
It can be up to 7 letters and the bidder can advise of colour choice to match their decor
you OR your sweetie will simply LOVE this name cushion  xox
 {for a closer look click on photo for a zoom shot}

START BID for this is $25

please dig deep xox

thankyou to gorgeous Julie for her most genorous donation,
trace xox


  1. this auction has been won by Sarah - many thanks to you all xoxox

    & also thanks to Julie Oliver for this wonderful handmade item XO

  2. In the post and on its way to Sarah for her little boy Gus,, Thanks for organising this Trace