Saturday, January 15, 2011


well my gorgeous man has finished the deck to my new Studio!!
oh how i LOVE my new outside space

.........inside still in need of major Electrical work & so i have been shifted back into the house by Frank while he sorts the lack of power to work my SEWING MACHINES!!  
{yeah thanks to the Cocky for chewing thru the wires!!}

BUT Frank hopes to have that done within the fortnight so then we will shift me back AGAIN!!!
{actually i don't really mind as i am trying to persuade him to put in a new floating floor while no furniture is in the studio - wish me luck lol}

Also now i will use some new found green thumbs to get a pretty garden {& fish pond} going around the studio so i have something super pretty to look at while i sit out on my NEW DECK and sip my Turkish Tea :P
- i have never bothered to grow anything with this section of property before as it is so hard to entice anything to even look like it might grow here without major work, truckloads of proper soil & so much water..........but now i must unless i want to sit and look at dirt & hay mounds!!

Oh & i bought a mini Mandarin & mini Lemon tree to put in nice big tubs on my deck - should look good no?

so thanks to a handy hubbie & smiles,
trace xo


  1. how beautiful this all sounds trace hve a wonderful husband too ....

  2. It looks great Trace,, good job Frank!!!
    Do you have any Agave plants?? They are so hardy and look Amazing when they get big... Succulents look great with pebbles around them and they don't need rich soil,, they are so tough..
    I have heaps of succulents in my garden so if you are ever passing through Strath and would like to grab some cuttings to plant just let me know...
    Another hardy decorative plant are the red cordyline they are pretty hardy and grow fairly quickly and look great in tubs and large pots..

    I love fish ponds and they are good feng shui to help with your creativity ..
    We have those noisy destructive cockies here too they kept me up last night squawking because someone was setting off flares to scare them at all hours of the night!!!
    Just for your info I had a mini lemon tree in a wine barrel and it was not doing to well,, My friend has the same one in the ground and it is booming.. I have since put mine in the ground and hope is will recover, will have to wait and see this winter.. That's my story for today,, sorry it is a bit long winded : )

  3. oh Thanks so much for the tip Julie....would hate to kill this Lemon tree as i am counting on the lemons next year cause i want to preserve some LOL.......might try building up a plot for it!
    & i have some agaves going nuts here so i know they grow so might stick THEM in the tubs & PLANT the tress next to the deck lol
    I def want a feng shui type pond area & funny as frank said would look good with a Japanese rock/sand garden :D

    DARN Cockies or in your case DARN PEOPLE upsetting the cockies!!!!

    {NO not long winded my dear...informative!!}


  4. Wow it looks beautiful!!what a talented and lovely man you have there! And your seriously talented yourself:)


  5. Looks great, and sounds like you will have a beautiful haven to create in ☼

  6. Looking forward to the christening of it Trace, I will bring the champers!

    mwah Lilly