Thursday, January 13, 2011

crochet blankets in progress

 well i am still mostly flat on my back {i am improving tho} so thought i would show you how i am filling in the hours......  trusty crochet blankets are a great way to while away the hours in splendor  :D

i have quite a few on the go at the is a custom order & the others are for eventual SALE to whomever fancies them :P

so here is just a few quick snaps of 2 of the blankets {these are available} is a granny square blanket & the other a girly striped blanket

tomorrow i will show photos of another 2 i am working on.

hope you are all staying dry & safe.

trace xo


  1. wow ..... trace you r an amazing artist.........

  2. thank you so much Beautiful Louise - you should get all your cushion covers tomorrow so i do hope you LOVE THEM xoxoxoxo

  3. Gorgeous . . love the white/granny square one x x x

  4. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Hope your back feels better soon my lovely ♥

  5. You are so skilled Trace,, they are delightful...
    even a bad back won't keep a good woman down : )

  6. oh trace ... thank you so... much ...they r so... beautiful....thank you so ....much 4 the extra ones .....take care .......

  7. oh that is fabulous Louise...i am so very glad that you love the covers as much as i do xoxoxo

  8. Love the bright colours, so refreshing!