Sunday, December 26, 2010

what are your New Year Resolutions?

i am not normally a New Year Resolutions kind of gal.... i guess i have never been organised enough {or maybe interested enough} to plan that far ahead as around here we are super efficient IF we have managed to put the Xmas tree up on Christmas Eve :)

BUT this has been one hell of an interesting and unusual year
{i could include a few VERY choice words in there as well!!} and it has got me thinking very, very much about what life will bring in 2011 for myself & my family.
So much so that i decided to work on a Bucket List and 2011 will be, for me, the Year of the Bucket!!

...i have been cogitating on it now for about 4-6 weeks & so while some are very far fetched, all things considered, & some i have picked are more 'doable' - i mean i doubt very much if i will get to go on the Orient Express but i have my fingers crossed that i can manage a trip to Magnetic Island or Tasmania :)

i will share some of the list as i go thru it but others i am afraid i will keep to myself as they are very deeply personal and sacred to me as they do involve my health somewhat
{some of you do know of my personal health journey this year & may know that it is something i still dont like to talk much about other than it is ongoing & has affected me greatly in a way that i am still trying to grapple with inside my own brain!}
But i would be utterly honoured to share other parts of my Bucket List with you :)

What are some of your New Year Resolutions or do you have a Bucket List??

trace x


  1. Mine seem to be the same each year, and each year I think this is it!! Well this has to be or never!!! Approaching 40, need to be grateful and make the most out of life!!

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  3. This year I plan to find better ways to deal with stress, do some soul searching and try to find happiness everywhere ☼

    I have missed you while you were away this pass year, hope all the health problems are in the pass for you my lovely!

  4. Kelly i hear u loud and clear hon...dealing with stress in this day and age is a hard one!!

    Most important i think is to take time out of each & every day for yourself to stop and be calm & centred so that u can find a way to not sweat the small stuff