Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oh be still my beating 70's wallpaper heart

 just looky at this lot of Vintage Wallpaper i got in the mail

.........picked up at the PostOffice by my hubby who, i must say, didn't have the most pleased look on his face!!!

 Excuse me dearest Frank but you are making me sell off some of my beloved VINTAGE FABRICS....that has reprecussions you know!!!! {plug one leak you going to get another one spring up - simply physics really!!}

& so what if i have enough fabrics to stock a massive shop, do i need to take you by the hand and lead you out into your shed my love???? will i perchance find out in your shed enough tools & supplies to start a Carpentry business??? hmmmmmm???
Ok so a few condescending looks later, out i trot to get some yummy photos of this latest find from the 1970's :)

i mean really all i should have to say in my defense is "it is original 1970's wallpaper for heavens sake...1970's WALLPAPER!!!!!!"
i think enough said :)

trace xo

Frank...... "but u only got small amounts of each, what on earth you going to do with it???"
trace........"that is NOT the point, it is original 1970s WALLPAPER"
Frank..."but you didnt actually get enough to do anything with so i just dont get the point??"
trace:.... "ok you are MISSING the point......it is 1970s original vintage Wallpaper!!!"
frank....."well why didnt you buy more of it so you could actually DO something useful with it??"
trace thought this but didnt say it ...."cause it was ridiculusly expensive thats why!!!"
What I DID say was....."well i was silly and next time i shall buy more of it"
frank......."ok..... well, i think i have made my point"
trace.... "yes you have dear"

so i chose to look at that conversation as him giving me permission to buy LOTS of ROLLS of 1970's Wallpaper lol


  1. I've been starting to say, "It's a girl thing, of course you don't get it!" and then suddenly he gets it :)

    I scored a roll when I was in Tassie in November.. no clue what I was going to do with it, but I knew I couldn't LEAVE it there! LOL $5 a whole, sealed roll.

  2. oh he so DOESN'T get it!! lol
    i am just choosing to THINK he gets it so it will allow me to do some more shopping....but i am going to have to start stashing stuff at mums me thinks hehehe

    & god bless op shops :)

  3. what's wrong with him, can't he SEE how beautiful it is???!!!

  4. i KNOW!!!!!! i think he should just be in as much rapture with them as i am ...i mean come on it is original pieces of 1970's glorious wallpaper, what doesn't he get about that???

  5. MEN! hahahaha, go out to his shed and write a list of each and every tool that's funny!

  6. Oh, I can so see a patchwork wall!
    I have six full, in the packaging, rolls of 1970's wallpaper I need to sell for my mum (plus some orange kitcheny things), tempted? lol

  7. ha ha, that's awesome trace ♥

  8. these are awesome!!! want to sell any????!!

  9. J that is a YES......sadly i am forced to part with many a fine piece of vintage fabric {sob sob}
    Hubby making me declutter {naughty hubby!!} so will be selling off such yummies {& paying off BILLS!!!}

  10. oh silly me didnt see this posted to WALLPAPER!!!
    thought u after vintage fabrics :)